February 20, 2020

When designing spaces for our remodels, form weighs equally with function.  From a Design-Remodeler perspective, we think about the functionality of the space and if the movement of a wall is possible or within a client’s budget. However, we also consider how that space will look and feel. While many of our remodels add needed space to a family’s home, even those additions of space and function are most successful when they are aesthetically pleasing.  Whether working on our own or collaborating with an architect or interior designer, function, engineering, and design are always on our mind.

In this blog, we will walk through two design focal points we have created for our clients and the thought process around each of those focal points and how, as a result, the design transformed the space.

The Fireplace and Built-in as a Focal Point:

For this home, the original design of the living room, off the kitchen, was a sunken space with a fireplace and built-ins.  While fully functional, t...

January 6, 2020

It’s a New Year and we are happy to announce a new opportunity for clients of Yates Remodeling to create the home of your dreams.  Buildertrend, our online project management software, already enables our clients to pay for their remodeling projects with credit cards and e-checks.  Through a partnership between Buildertrend and Rocket Loans, there is now another option – financing.  By opening this option to our clients, we hope to make it a bit easier to move that Phase 2 project into Phase now.

Click here to learn more about this partnership and view the Rocket Loans flier.

Click here to apply for financing for your Yates Remodeling Project now.

We thought this was an interesting opportunity for our clients because any client can apply for Rocket Loans financing before, during or after a project.  A lot of people are frightened of what they might discover behind the walls once a remodel begins. Will previously undiscovered mold or termite damage force you to exceed your b...

July 23, 2019

There are so many great HGTV shows that can help inspire the remodel of your home.  From simple facelifts to complex tear-downs, there are shows that highlight every type of remodel.  While home improvement shows have been around for decades, HGTV has managed to make those niche shows mainstream.  They’ve done so by amping up the entertainment level and removing some of the less dramatic how-to aspects of those shows.  In fact, they have become so good at entertaining us, we can often forget that we are missing important pieces of the puzzle required for a great remodel.

It’s hard not to fall in love with the designs and various finishes on an HGTV show.  Gorgeous large windows shine sunlight into kitchens with islands that can seat eight people.  Charming lights dangle above the island perfectly coordinating with the sink faucet that looks like it can easily be in a restaurant kitchen.  It’s beautiful.  Anyone would want one just like it.  And you’ve found one just like...

May 23, 2019

Just like interior spaces, outdoor living has seen an evolution of style.  In this blog post, we’ll review some popular trends and go over some ideas to ensue you have a functional and beautiful outdoor space for family and friends.

Even in small exterior spaces, one trend that we think is here to stay is defined spaces.  Previously, a homeowner might have defined their space on a patio with a table and chairs.  Today we see more elaborate ways to clearly define functional outdoor living areas using not only furniture, but landscape and hardscape.

A covered patio, whether attached to a home or detached, can provide the functional value of protection from the elements and temperature control.  But it is also being used more and more as a way to create a defined space.  A detached covered patio can provide an opportunity to infuse another design style or reinforce architectural elements of your current home.

Unique decks and patios can also create “getaways” within your outdoor li...

March 25, 2019

With Spring at our front door, it’s a great time to launch a decorating and style refresh for your home.  In this blog post, we wanted to share with you some ideas for your refresh that may seem small, but can create a big impact.

The key to this style of refresh is focusing on eye-level décor.  By changing up décor at eye-level, you can create an immediate impact.  You can also focus your guests on new key themes in your home and personal style.  This design approach is similar to how grocery stores and other shops will place items at eye-level that they hope to promote.  What style do you want to promote for your home?

Let’s start with your curb appeal.  If you have a few steps up to your porch, eye-level will be at the door sill or door itself.  Plants, flowers and other décor that frame your door are a popular way to give your guests a new seasonally themed welcome.  But don’t stop there.  A front door refresh can make an enormous difference to curb appeal.  Often your...

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