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New Tools for Better Estimates

Yates Remodeling is always learning and investing in new technology to help our clients achieve their remodeling goals. This summer we’ve implemented two new tools to help us improve estimates.

Precise Measurements In Seconds

Using a special device, we are now able to capture 360-degree images of the rooms in a home. And the lidar functionality allows us to measure the space precisely in seconds. The result is an accurate floor plan of the existing rooms of a home within a day. When can then use that information to determine if the remodel’s goals are possible, show how we might modify the floor plan, and walk our clients through the space virtually as we discuss the project.

Previously, during an estimate meeting we would have taken individual photos and then used up to 15 minutes of the meeting time to take hasty measurements.

Now, our 360-degree photos ensure we capture every corner of the space and no measurement can be forgotten.

Old Manual Method - New Automated Tech

The View From Above

Drone technology allows us to see a home in from angles that help better inform the work.

For example, previously we would look up at the roof of a home to try to determine how the roofline might tie into an addition. For some houses, the gullies of a roof cannot be seen from the ground.

The drone’s camera can capture every roof angle so we can better understand what is possible.

In addition to getting a better handle of rooflines for the estimate, we can also identify damage that may need to be addressed as part of the remodel or by the client independently.

Continuous Process Improvement

As technology evolves, Yates Remodeling continues to look at how we can utilize new tools and implement process improvements to provide timely and accurate estimates for our clients. We continue to experiment and are excited to have you join us on this journey.


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