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The Marvelous Mudroom

One of the most useful home trends of the last few years has been the rise of customized landing zones or drop zones in entryways and mudrooms. If you search #Mudroom or #Entryway on any of the main social media channels, you’ll find and endless selection of beautifully well-organized spaces.

With so many families tripping over book bags, coats, and shoes not just throughout the school year, but year-round, we wanted to share some tips and tricks to make your entryway or mudroom Instagram ready.

1. Where to begin?

No two families are the same and each have different needs. First, start with the existing space without any tidying. Observe how the space is currently being used and what “lands” in that area of your home. The point is not to move all that clutter to another space or convince your family and yourself not to put your boots there, but to understand your family’s needs and find a place where each item can live. By counting the number of items of each type and for each family member, you’ll better be able to create a space that is neat and organized.

2. A place for everything and everything in its place

With your inventory of items that get dropped and accumulated in the space, identify zones or spaces you will need. Is this a place where coats, shoes and bags accumulate? Does the mail get sorted and distributed here? Will you place lunch bags here ready to grab and go? Are there items you want to conceal? Or are there other items you’d like to easily access using bins? Have you considered how the items in this space change with the season, for example: umbrellas, mittens, scarves, and sun glasses? You’ll want the space to be able to change through the course of the year for weather, sports, school, and other seasonal activities. Consider how you can create some flexibility for the space.

3. A “locker” for every person

From as early as pre-school, children are taught at school that they have a special location for their coat, lunch, etc. By replicating this system in your home and creating a dedicated space for each child, you can help them continue with a practice they will have throughout their school years. These spaces can be open or hidden behind doors. What is important is that you create a way for each member of the family to do their part in keeping the area organized and ready for each new day. And don’t forget your pets in your “locker” system.

4. Create the space of your dreams

Now that you have assessed your family’s needs, it’s time to create the space of your dreams. Identify your style and how this area or room flows into your home. This is where you and your family will enter every time you come home. What do you want it too to look and feel like? Write down your thoughts and capture ideas and inspiration. Collect words that describe the space you want (e.g. clean, modern, rustic, colorful). Gather pictures of examples that reflect your style and taste. Identify your budget to create this new space for your family. With this information in hand, you’re now ready to meet with your contractor and create calm from chaos.

At Yates Contracting LLC, we can build a 3D model of your new space. The model will bring your vision to life while still making it possible to make changes if desired. We’ll help you navigate the endless options and sort through your functionality needs and your style dreams.

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