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When Hiring A New Contractor, Start Off Small

Contractor for hire

Decisions, Decisions...

You know the scenario, but I’ll set the scene for you so we’re all on the same page.

You’ve decided to do a few home renovations, but there’s so many projects needing to get started, you’re just not sure where to begin.

What projects to start with?

You think the kitchen would be great because your cabinets are this horrible shade of dark brown from the late 1980’s, and the flooring is two shades of tan from sun exposure over the years.

You look around a little more and realize the wood paneling surrounding your den makes everything look so dull and dreary. That wood-grain pattern from floor to ceiling covering all four walls, really bothers you. Wanting to feel like you’re living in a more modern era, you consider having your den remodeled too.

Better yet, while looking out your windows (daydreaming about your upcoming home renovations) you realize the dinginess of the glass within the windows from all their years of use. You wonder how much money you're wasting on your monthly energy bill as you listen to the air seep through the cracks of the window frames.

We don’t necessarily recommend ANY of these to start. If you’re working with a NEW contractor, someone you’ve never used before, it’s a good idea to start small.

Big Things Come In Small Packages

When working with a new contractor we recommend starting off small -- for a couple reasons.


Budget your projects

Because bathrooms are smaller rooms of the home, they tend to be less expensive than other projects when remodeling. For example, renovating a guest bathroom would certainly be less expensive than remodeling a full-sized kitchen. Smaller project, smaller cost.

Evaluation of Your New Contractor

It may not seem like a big deal, but hiring a contractor to complete a small job allows you to realize important aspects of that contractor; aspects such as timeliness, cleanliness, and responsiveness.

Arriving on-time seems like a no-brainer, right? You hire someone to come out and do a project, they say they’re going to be there at a certain time, and show up late or not at all.

Disheartening, isn’t it.

Similarly, you’ll be able to test whether or not your hired help is capable of meeting project deadlines. If they say the tiling will be completed on Friday, it should be.

Yes, things happen sometimes to slow a job down, but it’s important to understand why there’s a delay at all.

Was it because there was a manufacturer’s delay (where the manufacturer had to make or order more product) or was it because the contractor didn’t order the items in a timely manner?

See the difference?

Beginning your remodeling projects with a bathroom is also a good idea because it allows you to witness the cleanliness of your contractor. Does the team leave tools laying around? Is debris filling up the spaces of your home which are not even being worked on?

Being tidy on a job allows the construction crew more organization, fluidity in completing tasks at hand, and speedy clean-up at the end of each day.

Your contractors responsiveness is a huge key to the success of your home remodeling project. Be sure you have a way to reach your contractor easily. Even if the purpose is to leave a message and expect a returned call.

Yates Contracting understands the importance of our customers questions before, during, and after the remodeling process. We know communication is key to every relationship and do whatever it takes to keep those lines open - ensuring a successful project throughout the entire process.

You’ve Made Your Decision

Starting with the bathroom when remodeling your home is a smart, cost-effective way to achieve the renewed look you’re going for and test out your contractor, all at the same time.

Before you know it, you’ll be flipping through the latest release of Better Homes And Gardens trying to decide what to remodel next while sitting upon your new tech friendly toilet.

If you need some inspiration with ideas on how your bathroom could look, visit our gallery on our website to learn more. This bathroom shown below was completed in a very short time and within budget for our customer.

Tiled bathroom
Window in tiled shower
New vanity and tiled shower

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