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Your estimate meeting is the first touchpoint where our team will perform a complimentary site visit to understand your project needs. We will conduct a preliminary assessment of the existing conditions and discuss your goals and vision for the remodeling project. Based on our experience and industry standards, we will then develop a detailed Scope of Work (SOW). The SOW is an important document that outlines what work will be performed, what results are expected, and the timeline and resources needed to achieve those results.

During our first meeting, we will take a 3D scan of your entire home.  The scan is a series of photos with a special camera that allows us to put together a detailed layout of your home with exact measurements.  If any exterior work is part of your project, we will also take photos of your home with a drone to inspect all areas of the exterior of the home in detail, allowing us to create accurate assessments and estimates.

After you have received your SOW and confirmed that it accurately represents your goals for the project, we will provide a ballpark estimate. This means we'll provide a price range for the project based on similar work we've done in the past. Your initial estimate will give you a general idea of the investment involved, however it will not be exact as a detailed design or engineering analysis is required to accurately assess all costs associated with the project. Your free initial estimate serves to establish expectations and determine if our services align with your budget. If you decide to move forward based on the initial ballpark estimate, we then enter the design phase. The design phase is where we provide you with an in-depth plan for your project including floor plans and engineering if needed.

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