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Design Agreements

Yates Remodeling, LLC is committed to ensuring every client we work with receives a design that fully realizes your dream space.  We do so by creating thorough Designs throughout a three-step process.

1. Let's Meet

We'll meet with you 3 times throughout the design process. At our first meeting, we will review the project, discuss your goals and ideas, and take any necessary measurements and photos. From there, we take the information we have gathered and begin to create your set of floor plans as accepted by your city for Building Permits and your 3D CAD Rendering. We will use the shell of your entire home, but only to be designed areas will be completed in the renderings.

2. Second Design Meeting

Once we have submitted our initial designs to you, you have the opportunity to make revisions at our Second Meeting. We will discuss the current design and any desired revisions. After we have an initial design, we will have an engineer create specifications on how the structure will need to be built or altered. We will use this information as part of the final design.


See examples of 3D renderings here:

1055VD Overhead rendering.jpg
1055VD Bathroom rendering.jpg

3. Final Design Meeting

In this meeting, we will do a final review to finalize the structural plans per any necessary engineering for your project. Once we are finished with the process, you will have a set of floor plans set to scale as would be accepted by your city and engineering plans. Finally, you can use these plans and renderings to bring your dreams into reality! 

See examples of 3D renderings and the finished spaces here:

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