May 23, 2019

Just like interior spaces, outdoor living has seen an evolution of style.  In this blog post, we’ll review some popular trends and go over some ideas to ensue you have a functional and beautiful outdoor space for family and friends.

Even in small exterior spaces, one trend that we think is here to stay is defined spaces.  Previously, a homeowner might have defined their space on a patio with a table and chairs.  Today we see more elaborate ways to clearly define functional outdoor living areas using not only furniture, but landscape and hardscape.

A covered patio, whether attached to a home or detached, can provide the functional value of protection from the elements and temperature control.  But it is also being used more and more as a way to create a defined space.  A detached covered patio can provide an opportunity to infuse another design style or reinforce architectural elements of your current home.

Unique decks and patios can also create “getaways” within your outdoor li...

December 26, 2018

A New Year means new opportunities to reinvent yourself through New Year’s resolutions.  As you look forward to 2019, why not consider some New Year’s resolutions for your home?  In this blog post, we’ve shared some of the most common New Year’s resolutions that people make for themselves and offered opportunities to apply those resolutions to your home.

Health & Wellness

Considering a diet, cleanse, or other health and wellness resolution?  Your home needs the same attention.  You can start by giving your home a check-up.  Go outside and take a long look at your home.  How does your roof look?  Do you see any sagging or missing shingles?  These could be signs that your roof requires repair or replacement.  Now, look at your gutters.  Are they clear enough to ensure that water is collected and then moving or draining away from your home?  How is your siding holding up?  Is there any vegetation touching your home that could cause water damage or encourage pests to enter?  Moving to t...

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