March 25, 2019

With Spring at our front door, it’s a great time to launch a decorating and style refresh for your home.  In this blog post, we wanted to share with you some ideas for your refresh that may seem small, but can create a big impact.

The key to this style of refresh is focusing on eye-level décor.  By changing up décor at eye-level, you can create an immediate impact.  You can also focus your guests on new key themes in your home and personal style.  This design approach is similar to how grocery stores and other shops will place items at eye-level that they hope to promote.  What style do you want to promote for your home?

Let’s start with your curb appeal.  If you have a few steps up to your porch, eye-level will be at the door sill or door itself.  Plants, flowers and other décor that frame your door are a popular way to give your guests a new seasonally themed welcome.  But don’t stop there.  A front door refresh can make an enormous difference to curb appeal.  Often your...

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